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Size 210x95
130 Flowers

Red and white funeral wreath 20,000 dram

The funeral wreath is composed of Carambole type Gerberas, white and red Carnations and Limoniums and with types of flower and colors is similar to this funeral wreath, the only difference between this two wreath is that this one has composition only on top. The height of this wreath is 210cm and the height is 90cm. 

Wreath delivery in Yerevan is free of charge. Delivery to other regions of Armenia and Artsakh is paid, and you can get acquainted with the shipping cost when ordering the funeral wreath and choosing the shipping city. You can order a wreath at least 2 hours prior to your desired delivery schedule.

On some wreaths it is also visible the high quality hand write on the ribbon.
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Wreath of white gerberas

50000 ֏

This funeral wreath has 2-meter height. The wreath is created from Red Gerberas and White Carnations.

Size 200x110
70 Flowers

Wreath for a portrait

60000 ֏

We have used 350 white Carnations to create this unique and beautiful funeral wreath for decadent portrait, In the right corner is arranged a beautiful bouquet with Roses and Chrysanthemums, bordered with white Gladiolus.

Size 170x90
280 Flowers

Red and white funeral wreath

50000 ֏

This funeral wreath is made of Red Carnations, Red and white gerberas (Pole Ice) and Netherland Roses (Mylena). The wreath has a 100 cm length and it 220 cm height.

Size 220x100
180 Flowers

Red Wreath Symbolising Eternity

120000 ֏

The funeral wreath is made of 900-1000 red Cloves. he funeral wreath which symbolizes eternity has bulging rings that convert the floral wreath into floral sculpture.

Size 110x200
900 Flowers