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Size 115x190
500 Flowers

Governmental Wreath Carpet 110,000 dram

150 red and 350 white Carnations were used when arranging this wreath. It is considered as government wreath because the arrangement and color separation of Carnations satisfy the protocol of Government, National Assembly, and other institutions. The carpet type condolence wreath is bordered with golden blacksmith leaves, which more emphasize the beauty of the wreath. 

The width of the wreath, including the blacksmith leaves is 115 cm and the height is 190 cm. You can order this wreath at least 5 hours in advance of the scheduled shipping time.

This wreath was arranged in Elite Flower Store, during the visit of French President Emanuel Macron to Armenia. This wreath was taken to Tsitsernakaberd Memorial to pay tribute to the Armenian Genocide victims.

On some wreaths it is also visible the high quality hand write on the ribbon.
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